Fertilizer Dewater Usage manure dewatering machine used to reduce the water content of animal dung, acid-sludge, medicine dregs, kitchen rubbish, and many other dregs in the whole organic fertilizer production.The solid content in the raw material can be 30-40%, and the moisture of final product is about 40%, you can’t press out any water by hands. 1.The Read More →

1) Organic Materials Fermentation Process This process plays the preliminary but indispensable role in the whole organic fertilizer production plant. There are 4 kinds of compost turns choosable for customers-hydraulic compost windrow turner, self-propelled fertilizer turner, hydraulic compost mixer turner, and groove type fertilizer fermentation machine. They are widely used to turn and mix the Read More →

Disc granulator manufactured by victor fertilizer granulator is used in 20,000 Tons/year Pan Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line. Suitable for both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production. Adopting arc disc angle structure, this pan granulator, whose granulation rate can reach above 93%, is with uniform granules, smooth operation, and long service life. The disc pelletizer is Read More →

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator is manufactured by the latest technology in the field of organic fertilizer production. It is used to granulate all kinds of organic raw materials after fermentation process. Different from the traditional ways of making organic fertilizer, raw materials don’t need to be dried or crushed, which makes the whole producing Read More →

High Output Rotary Drum Granulator Introduction: The rotary drum granulator manufactured by us is used to make raw materials into granules in the specified shapes. The high-efficiency fertilizer granulating machine is considered as the most important equipment in large-scale compound fertilizer production. By adding a certain number of steams and vapors, raw materials in the Read More →